Links to Great Geology Resources

Jessy started this site back when she was just a kid of 12 and had started making a few kits for kids to learn about geology. She wanted to create a website with lots of good resources and links for all kids to learn about geology! She's quite proud of it and still works to make it better all the time.

Our company is called Dragon Mountain Treasures. After the mythical dragon hordes of fantasy novels, DMT is dedicated to teaching kids about geology... no, to love geology! Started by a 12 year old homeschooled kid, DMT is now a great resource for kits, products, games and other fun educational needs your your own rock hound kid...

You can browse all the wonderful kits and offerings that Jessy makes and sells through Dragon Mountain Treasures, her company.

Rocks, minerals, fossils, and more for kids!

DragonMountainTreasures on Etsy

There was a need to offer wonderful, quality collector's specimens for kids online and our Etsy shop provides one of a kind beautiful and collectable mineral and gemstone specimens for any kid's growing collection. Reasonably priced and a beautiful, everchanging selection, make this site fun to check often!

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