New Website!

All done and ready for you to look through and enjoy! We have been planning this site and our very first game, Geo Master, now for over 3 years! I can't believe it's ready for the public. will be bringing you a host of great games from Dragon Mountain Treasures. Dragon Mountain Treasures was started by a young lady many years ago as a 12 year old homeschooled kid. Now, Jessy is a young adult and still loves bringing rocks, minerals, fossils and geology to kids all over the world. She has created a very popular website called and offers all of her kits and products through her website, Now, she is branching out into fun, educational geology games! Geo Master is her very first game and it's a hit already! Everyone loves to play Geo Master!

We hope you will take a look through our site and watch some of the videos and consider Geo Master or our other games soon to be released for your family! Geology Games make great gifts for that rock hound kid in your life...